Anti-Dandruff Treatment in Bangalore

Rehydrate your scalp and reduce hair fall with Ozone Treatment.

Dandruff is the result of the dry and unnourished scalp and so if a treatment/product can nourish and hydrate the scalp it can eliminate dandruff to some extent. Ozone Treatment helps to hydrate scalp thereby eliminating dandruff.

Hair fall can also be cured by Ozone Treatment and this is a proven fact. Many beauty fanatics undertake ozone treatment for controlling hair fall. Regrowth of hair is also possible if you do this ozone treatment religiously.

Other than controlling dandruff and hair fall, ozone treatment cures certain hair and scalp diseases like psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, balding and alopecia. It adds volume and density to the hair, repairs and reconstructs the strands which makes hair manageable.

How it is done

Ozone treatment for dandruff relies on the application of high-frequency ozone rays to penetrate the scalp. Ozone treatment for dandruff involves the use of a comb-like device that is applied to the hair and scalp. The comb attached to ozone machine passes the rays to the scalp .The ozone hair comb is used for 15 to 20 minutes once per week after shampooing. It requires around 3-4 session to get rid of dandruff completely

Q: What is so called Dandruff?

Dead Skin cells on the scalp becomes like Dandruff. Which is about 487000 cells/cm2 normally get released.

Q: What are the causes for recurring Dandruff?

Commonest triggers include increased oil production, oily skin, oily scalp, excessive sweating, poor hygiene, Weather (hot and humid or cold and dry), infrequent washing or shampooing, Concurrent yeast or fungal skin infections, poor immune system, chronic illness, emotional or mental stress.

Q: What are the Anti-Dandruff treatments available in Hairline international?

We Provides ozone Therapy. Which is the best Anti-Dandruff treatment in Bangalore.

Q: How Vitamin deficiency causes Dandruff?

Nutrition Deficiency can also causes dry scalp. When you are not getting vitamin B12 and B6 and vitamin B it effects your skin cells on scalp. In this case you can boost your vitamin with fruits, flax seed oil, Zinc and selenium.

Q: What are the characteristic of Dandruff?

you feel like Itching and flaking on the scalp when you have Dandruff.

Q: Until How many People Hairline International provided Anti-Dandruff treatment?

We have given anti-Dandruff treatment to many people. Many people faces hair loss/ Hair fall issues because of Dandruff.


Q: Whom is it for?

This treatment can be used for those who have dandruff problems, and other scalp diseases.

Q: How many sessions are required?

The ozone hair comb is used for 15 to 20 minutes once per week after shampooing. So the number of sessions depends on the severity of the dandruff problem.

Q: How safe is this treatment?

1.   No anesthesia / no surgery/ no risk
1.1   It is completely painless and without any side effects. No downtime
1.2   You can use any kind of shampoo of your choice
1.3   Ozone treatment also control hair loss and increase the density of the hairs

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