Female Hair Extensions in Mumbai

The hair extension procedure involves the addition of about 205 artificial or human hair shafts to a group of naturally growing hair using the knots, Meta rings, or tape or using glue. These hair extensions will add to your natural hair just above the scalp level. The objective of hair extensions is to provide the extra hair volume or length instantly.

Hair expansions come in numerous hues, surfaces, styles, and lengths to coordinate any hair type. Normal or human hair extensions are progressively costly because they can be shaded, set, twisted, or treated. Engineered hair will soften whenever presented to the high temperatures, or a hair curling accessory, or a hot blow dryer. it is utilized as obtained and is for the most part not prescribed. The trend is for Hair Extensions in Mumbai. Human hair extensions are accessible at Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic Mumbai.

Different Kind of Hair Extensions at Hairline Clinic Mumbai:

Clip Hair Extensions in Mumbai:

Getting more density and lengthy hair is only possible with clip hair extensions. Clip hair extensions are simple to use and gives instant results. These are non-permanent extensions available at the hairline in different colors and dimensions. With clip-in hair extensions, you can walk out with complete makeover. At hairline, we are striving to provide the quality clip hair extension at affordable cost.

Advantages of Clip Hair Extensions:

• Clip hair extensions can be easily attached and removed in minutes
• No need to visit any saloon to fix it can fix it on our own.
• Instant results & no waiting time.
• Long-Lasting and easier to style.

Glue Hair Extensions in Mumbai:

In glue hair extensions, glue will be used to integrate artificial hair attachment to natural growing hair. Special hair adhesives are used in glue hair extensions to prevent damage to the natural growing hair. This technique doesn’t cause the damage to hair unless it is removed without proper instruction from expertise.

• One of the most secure method used for the hair extensions
• Glue hair extensions last for longer duration
• Can place each stand according to the client’s requirement.
• It will go with the existing hair and nobody can identify

Tape Hair Extensions in Mumbai:

Tape in hair extensions is one of the popular semi-permanent hair extensions. It is easy for integration and maintenance. At hairline international, we offer tape extensions of all lengths according to the client’s requirement. No harm is caused to the existing hair during the removal or application. Hairline clinic is a popular place for hair extensions in Mumbai. We offer micro tape extensions, natural human hair extensions, hidden tape expansions, and tape in bulk of different sizes.

Among the people who regularly refer to, tape hair expansions are popular among the extensions. You can have more full and long hair in less than 60 minutes. The extensions can be completely redone to suit your needs in shading, length, and surface. Since they are produced using genuine human hair and adhered to natural hair, they look perfectly normal.

• Easy to integrate and remove to the existing hair.
• Tape extension maintenance is very easy.
• Tape extensions are very comfortable


What is a hair extension?

Hair extensions also known as artificial hair integrations which add length or fullness to the existing hair, these extensions will be fixed to the existing hair using glue or tape or with clip.

What are the different ways to integrate hair extensions?

Hair extensions are usually integrated by using the clip method, glue method, or tape method.

What kind of hair extensions available at hairline Mumbai?

We offer Human Hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

How many glue hair extensions strands required for full head coverage?

Depends on the volume of the strand a full head could cover anywhere between 1000 to 300 strands. It is recommended that a certified and trained stylist to use this technique.

Will hair extensions damage my existing hair?

Hair extensions will not damage your natural growing hair unless the application or removal is done not by a specialist. We have a specialist who does this.

What colored hair extensions hairline clinic is offering?

Hairline International is offering all colored hair extensions. You can choose the color of extension according to your existing hair texture or can choose the highlighted hair extension of different colors.

How long will my hair extensions last?

It depends on the quality of hair you choose and the method used for attaching to existing hair. One time fixing of permanent extensions last up to 3 months and semi-permanent extensions may last up to 6 to 8 months.

What method should I choose for the application of hair extension?

The method of hair extension should choose according to everyday life and the purpose of hair extension.

Can I fix the hair extension myself?

Depending on the method you choose to attach hair extension, difficulty level varies. Clip-in hair extensions are comfortable to attach yourself. The other method needs the specialist to attach it.

How much does hair extension costs in Mumbai?

The cost varies according to the quality of hair extension choose. Depending on the purpose can choose the quality. Premium hair extensions cost more but they last for long.

How to take a shower with hair extensions?

Whether or not using hair extensions, we should follow some instructions while taking a head bath. It’s a good idea to comb the hair before going for the head bath; we should dilute the shampoo and apply it to the roots. Better avoiding the conditioners because it may close pores on the scalp causes hair loss and oily scalp. This is not advised while with hair extensions, which makes the attachments slide off the hair.

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