Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Andheri West Mumbai

Is your hair loss bothering you! Here is the best place, Hairline international the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai would like to take the opportunity to serve the hair loss problems of Mumbai people. At Hairline International, we offer different Hair loss treatment, Hair fall treatment, Regenera active, FUE, FUT hair transplant, beard hair transplant, combination hair transplant, revision hair transplant, long hair transplantation, and advanced robotic hair transplantation in Mumbai to the people who are suffering from hair loss. We do provide non-surgical hair services like Hair fixing, Hair weaving, hair bonding, and hair wig for both men and women. Now the Hairline clinic has emerged as the destination for the hair treatments in Mumbai, Bangalore.

FUT Hair Transplant in Mumbai

FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) is the name of the hair transplant procedure. It is also known as strip method hair transplant, and it is the most popular method for hair transplantation in India. This procedure includes cutting a strip of skin from the donor area and the hair follicles will be extracted from the skin strip and then transplants the hair follicles in the recipient area. FUT hair transplant procedure is ideal for the people who are undergoing a hair transplant with a large number of grafts. FUT is the oldest method of hair transplant in Mumbai and it gives good results. Hairline International has the best transplant surgeons in Mumbai to make your hair transplantation more successful. The cost of FUT hair transplant is reasonable compared to FUE and robotic hair transplant in Mumbai.

FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai

FUE and FUT are two popular methods most of the hair transplant surgeons follow. In the FUE transplant procedure, individual hair follicles harvested from the donor area and transplanting in the recipient area. This procedure is ideal for people who want to have hair transplantation with no scars and less number of follicles. • Unlike FUT hair transplant individual hair follicles will extract from the donor area. Whereas, in FUT Hair transplant a strip of skin with hair follicles will be extracted
• There won't be any stitches and scars involved with FUE hair transplant.
• There won't be pain involved while harvesting the hair follicles in this procedure.
• With the FUE hair transplant method can extract the hair follicles from any part of the body.
• Hairline clinic has the best hair transplantation surgeons, advanced equipment to perform FUE hair transplant in Mumbai.

Robotic hair transplant in Andheri Mumbai

Hairline International clinic has come up with an advanced robotic hair transplant in Mumbai. In this procedure, robot will carry through harvesting of hairs to hair transplantation. Robotic hair transplant is advancement to FUE transplantation method. Robotic hair transplantation is a technological advancement for hair transplantation to treat the baldness. Robotic hair transplant simplifies the process of hair transplantation and increases the success rate of hair transplantation.

Long hair transplant in Andheri Mumbai

Long hair transplantation is a method of hair transplantation. At Hairline Clinic Andheri, we have an experienced surgeon for long hair transplantation in Mumbai & Bangalore. This is procedure is much preferred by women. Long hair transplant gives immediate results, which you will see after 6 to 9 of other hair transplantation methods. Long hair transplant also known as non- shave hair transplantation.

Mustache & Beard Hair Transplantation in Andheri Mumbai

Facial hair transplantation is the procedure that restores hair, where facial hair is missing or thinning. Facial hair transplant is usually performed on beard, mustache, eyebrows, and goatee, sideburns, and cheeks. Facial hair transplant can also be performed to correct women's eyebrows and to conceal sort of scars of boys.

Not having facial hair could be because of surgery, laser hair removal, genetics, burns or injury, the purpose of this technique can contrast from a minor filling or slight inclusion of a limited territory to the full restoration of a thick, full goatee or facial hair. Follicular unit grafting is opted to best performed for facial hair transplantation procedures and follicular unit extraction would choose by many patients to avoid the linear scar on the donor area.

Body Hair transplantation in Andheri west Mumbai

Body hair transplantation is done using the FUE hair transplant technique. In body hair transplant, according to the patient's requirement, the hair from the different parts of the body considered as donor hair and plants in the scalp or beard. Body hair transplantation is considered and suggested as an option to the patients. We report satisfactory outcomes for the extensive baldness in which the donor hairs from the chest, thighs, arms, and abdomen were transplanted to the scalp.

Hair transplantation is the worldwide accepted technique to restore the hair in the bald scalp, or patchy beard, or mustache hair by using Follicle unit transplantation, Follicle Unit Extraction, and robotic hair transplant techniques. The body hair transplant is only referred to when there is no chance of taking hair from the backside of the scalp. Body hair has grown longer once it is transplanted on the scalp because of the scalp dermis helps to the transplanted hair.

Combination Hair transplant in Mumbai

Combination hair transplantation or hair restoration is a unique procedure done to people wanted to have a hair transplant and doesn't have a good donor area. this procedure is the combination of FUT, FUE, Hair fixing, and scalp micro-pigmentation. The hairline is having various combinations of hair transplants based on the customer interest, availability of donor area, and the number of hair follicles requires to be transplanted.
• The ideal candidate for the combination hair transplant is the one with less donor area for hair transplant.
• The client with a good donor area looking for hair transplant in 2 sessions then the combination of FUE and FUT or Robotic hair transplantation is ideal
• In the case of hair loss in the frontal and crown area with weak donor area, we suggest non-surgical hair fixing in the crown part and FUT/FUE/Robotic hair transplant to the frontal scalp.

Revision Hair transplant in Mumbai

Revision hair transplant is done to the people who are not satisfied with their first hair transplantation done in other clinic or the one looking to have 2nd hair transplantation for more coverage. Revision hair transplant will be doing to correct the unsuccessful or bad hair transplant. We are happy to say that our treatments have satisfied 96% of our customers unlike giving false commitments of 100% guaranteed results. We are continuously improvising our procedure, techniques to help the patients getting better results. We have unique procedures and highly experienced doctor to make your revision Hair transplant successful. We have many clients coming in for revision hair transplant with unsatisfied results, uneven hairline, and inappropriate donor harvesting. So before going the procedure proper assessment is required.

Why choose Hairline international for hair transplant in Mumbai?

Hairline has been rated as a leading trichology clinic by the Times of India
• Hairline clinic provides World class state of art facilities
• Hairline has in-house research center and laboratory
• Advanced US-FDA approved procedures and equipment
• Best and experienced team of trichologists
• Certified and a well-trained group of Doctors and therapists
• Customized treatments based on the individual requirement and medical history
• We served many clients with 95% customer satisfaction

What are the different hair transplantation methods Hairline Mumbai offers?

Hairline International clinic Mumbai offers:
• FUT( Follicular Unit Transplant
• FUE( Follicular Unit Extraction
• Robotic Hair transplantation
• Bio FUE
• Bio FUE
• Bio FUE + FUT
• Facial hair transplantation
• Long hair transplant
• Body hair transplant
• Revision hair transplantation

How long does the hair transplantation procedure take?

The Time for complete transplantation procedure depends on the number of follicles getting transplanted. In general, it takes a day for 6000 to 8000 follicles using FUT/FUE method; with the robotic transplant procedure can complete transplantation of 10k follicles in a day.

Why Robotic hair transplant is costlier than Manual Hair transplant in Mumbai?

Robotic hair transplantation involves the cost of the machine, surgeon, and technician's fee and other operating charges. wherein manual hair transplant doesn't involve robotic machine charges. So, the price of a robotic hair transplant is a bit higher than a manual Hair transplant.

Do I Experience any pain during the hair transplantation?

We will conduct the procedure under local aesthesia so you won’t experience the pain during the procedure, and you will be conscious during the procedure.

What is Mega session in Hair transplantation?

It is a common term in Hair transplantation. Mega session defined as the extraction and implantation of a large number of hair follicles in a single session for complete coverage of bald area and more density.

Where is your branch located and working hours?

We have branches across Bangalore and Mumbai. Our branches in Bangalore are Jayanagar, Indiranagar, Koramangala, Richmond Road, R.T Nagar, Whitefield, Marathahalli and we have a branch in Andheri West Mumbai. We work 7days a week from 10 am to 7 p.m.

When I can cut my hair post hair transplantation?

Depends on the healing after a month can cut the hair with a scissor but recommended to wait for six months to shave the hair with razor.

What is the cost of robotic hair transplant in Mumbai

Cost of Robotic hair transplant completely depends on the number of follicles getting transplanted and the hair transplantation method. Please walk into our clinic or call us @ 9148874972 for more details.

What are the Advantages of Robotic hair transplant?

• Robotic hair transplant machine allows harvesting hair grafts at a faster phase where the surgeon can not match.
• Robotic hair transplantation results in a higher survival rate in harvesting as well as hair regrowth.
• There won’t be any scars, stitches involved with the robotic hair transplant.
• Image-guided technology in robotic hair transplant helps in maintains follicle harvesting accuracy.
• Robotic hair transplant offers speed recovery time as compared to human done hair transplantation.
• Very precise and accurate harvesting of grafts to utilize maximum donor area in minimum time frame

Do you do eyebrow hair transplant in Mumbai?

Yes. Eyebrow hair transplant is a very delicate procedure; we need experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeon for that. In the hairline, our surgeons evaluate each case individually.

Do I need more than one hair transplantation?

It completely depends on the number of follicles require transplantation. Usually, in a day, doctors can transplant the hairs around 5000 to 70000. If you need more hair follicles for full head coverage, then the second session is required.

What is the hair transplant procedure in Mumbai?

• First doctor will do the scalp test and analyze scalp condition
• The doctor will go through the complete medical history of the patients.
• After the complete analyzing doctor decides the number of hairs required to be transplanted.
• The doctor suggests undergoing required blood tests and analyses present medical conditions.
• If everything is as per required levels, Doctor will commence the hair transplantation

How long will it take the transplanted hair to grow?

Generally, it takes 4 to 8 months to see the results after transplantation. In fact, in the first 3 months, we can see transplanted start growing. But it takes 6 to 10months to see complete results, and it varies from person to person based on their body responds to the treatment.

What all the medical examination required to undergo hair transplantation?

The doctor will consider past medical history and suggests the investigations like sugar levels test, liver functionality, blood counts, renal function tests, and electrocardiogram. If any of the results of the investigation are contradictory, then the procedure will be ruled out.

Is it a good idea to go for body hair transplantation at Hairline Mumbai?

If you’re determined about getting new hair on your scalp and having a weak donor area then going with body hair transplant is the only option to get new hair.

Which all the body parts can consider as a donor area?

Hair from hand, leg, chest, calf, and armpit are considered for body hair transplantation.

Which is the better procedure for women suffering with hair loss?

If the patient is looking for new natural hair on the scalp then long hair transplantation is the better option because in this procedure donor area is not required to trim for extracting the donor hair. If she is facing hair thinning issues, then we have many treatments to regrow new hair. Please come and do visit the doctor.

How do you preserve the extracted hair grafts during hair transplantation?

During the procedure, we preserve the extracted grafts by keeping them in a special solution and cooling process that maintains the appropriate condition.

How long it takes to see the results of a body hair transplant?

However, the donor area varies it takes 4 to 8 months to see the results of hair transplantation.

Does hair transplantation give natural hair growth?

Yes. In hair transplantation, we take the hairs from the backside of your scalp and plants it the bald scalp. So whatever the results you will experience from the hair transplantation are 100% natural.

Will I have a scar after the hair transplantation?

It depends on the method of hair transplantation. FUE, Robotic, and long hair transplantation, there won’t be any scar left behind, while the FUT Hair transplant leaves the scar behind. But we have scalp micropigmentation in Mumbai, which helps to cover the scar left behind.

Can I Smoke before or after the hair transplantation?

We advise not to smoke 24 hours before the transplantation and 1 week after the hair transplantation. Because smoking causes constriction on vessels and it may affect hair growth.

What is the graft survival rate in body hair transplantation?

Like scalp donor hair, we cannot expect the same survival rate with body hair. Because scalp hair is thicker while the body hair is thin. But we can expect up to 75% survival rate with body hair transplant.

What is the cost of body to scalp hair transplantation in Andheri Mumbai?

The cost of body hair transplantation depends on the factors like:

  • The number of hair transplantation clinics offering the procedure relatively influences the cost of transplant.
  • Among DHI and FUE transplantation procedures, the type of procedure you choose
  • How many hair follicles require to transplant
  • From which part of the body you wanted hair to be extracted
  • These are the influencing factors for body hair transplantation cost.

What is Long hair transplantation?

Long hair transplantation is a hair transplant method by which we can see the great results straight after the procedure. In this procedure, long hairs will be collected from the donor area and planted in the recipient scalp.

Why long hair transplantation?

The long hair transplantation is quite similar to other hair transplant procedures the way it does. The medical device, pre, and post hair transplantation precautions are similar to other hair transplant methods. In long hair transplantation, unlike the other hair transplant procedures, donor hair will not be shaved, and the length of the donor hair maintained throughout the procedure. Since the hair is not shaved, the Patient is not required to wait for months to see the difference, results can see immediately. However, it takes 6 to months for the transplanted hair to set well and grow healthy.

Advantages of Long Hair Transplantation

  • People who want to have quick results with hair transplantation choose long hair transplant. They can see the immediate results with a long hair transplant and leaves the clinic with a smile.
  • With the long hair on the transplanted area, it’s difficult for anybody to find the red marks left behind the procedure, difficult to identify that they have undergone hair transplantation.
  • With long hair transplantation, you can get a head full of hair in 1 day.

Beard hair Transplant in Mumbai

Beard hair transplant is the process of giving new hair to beard. This is done to correct or create the beard where there is less hair. In this procedure, hair will be taken from the donor area and implanted in the defected or not grown area.

Mustache Hair Transplantation in Mumbai

Mustache hair transplantation is done to correct or give new hair to the one desired for it. Same as other transplantation procedures, in mustache hair, transplantation hair is taken for donor area and implanted in mustache.

What is the cost of hair transplantation in Mumbai?

Cost of hair transplant ranges from person to person based on the baldness area, amount of hairs needs to be transplanted. Please walk into the clinic to get an exact quotation for the hair transplant in Mumbai. Hairline international the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai would be happy to provide you the satisfactory results for every treatment. Please check our gallery for before after images of hair transplantation, visit our video testimonials page for better understanding of our results.

Low Cost Hair Transplantation in Mumbai

Before going in-depth about the hair transplantation cost we need to have an answer for the questions like how many hair follicles do I need, from where the hair follicles is extracted, can the donor area accommodated all the hair follicles required for the transplantation, which method of transplant I should prefer, how much I should spend on hair transplantation. Visit the renowned hair clinic nearby you is the best idea to get the answers for your questions.

How the cost decides the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai?

I have seen many patients asking for the cost of hair transplantation and deciding whether to visit the hospital or not. But that is not the right way of looking at hair transplantation because of the below reason.

  • Hair transplantation can only do once or twice in the lifetime, depending on the donor area availability. If you are thinking hair transplantation cost is the only criteria and the doctors are not good, then you will end up with unsuccessful hair transplant or losing the money without seeing results.
  • If the doctor is inexperienced, the donor area is limited, and the grafts are not extracted properly, then the donor hair may get wasted. This means you’re losing your existing hair by paying the money.
  • The people who are suffering from hair loss know the value of each hair. So consider each hair is so precious and you will not get it back once you lose. So, I always prefer the skilled and experienced doctor for hair transplantation.
  • Skill Matters- if the doctors, staff are not skilled and inexperienced, then I will suggest visiting them because sometimes people are severely suffered from the infection after the procedure. So we need to take the decision wisely by not just concerning price.

Irrespective of the method, the cost of hair transplantation starts from 30000 rupees. But the final cost depends on the stages of baldness, the number of follicles require to transplant, and the experience of hair transplant surgeon. The cost of hair follicles varies from 15 rupees to 150 rupees depends on the method of hair transplant and donor area. Hairline Clinic is offering unique treatment packages with a combination of SMP, Hair fixing, hair transplant, and other hair loss treatment. If you wanted to have a quotation for the hair transplantation, then you can share the images through Whatsapp or visit our branch and get a consultation by the doctor. The hairline clinic is offering an interest-free EMI option for all kinds of hair treatments and hair transplantation in Mumbai. Are you looking for the low cost hair transplant in Mumbai? Then you are on the right place, hairline clinic is offering hair transplant by best hair transplant surgeons at very reasonable prices. Get the free quote by calling us at 9148874972.

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