Restore your Receded hairline with Scalp Micropigmentation

What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to cover the hair loss by depositing the pigments on the baldness area. These pigments are carefully matched to the natural hair color and skin tone, and the result of SMP treatment appears like tiny hair follicles, which help to restore the look of full hair and thick hair.

Who is the ideal candidate for scalp micropigmentation in Mumbai?

• Scalp micropigmentation can be suggested for the patients facing the minor hair thing and doesn’t want to undergo any treatment of regular intervals.
• It is effective in concealing the donor scar in the case of the FUT strip method hair transplant.
• A hair transplant itself cannot get head full of hair. In general, the hair density for square centimeter is 80 to 120 follicles and with hair transplant procedure one can implant 40 to 60 follicles for square centimeter and this result, patients complaining of inadequate density. In this scenario for more density micropigmentation treatment is the best option.
• Hair transplant and scalp micropigmentation are the best combination for the head full hair.
• Other than hair fixing, scalp micropigmentation is the one best treatment offers the guaranteed results for conditions like Alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia, Alopecia totalis, Alopecia Universalis, and traction alopecia.
• SMP is also the best option for female pattern baldness like the other treatment like hair transplant, Hair fixing, and other regenerative treatments.
• We can do pigmentation for eyebrows also.

How the scalp micropigmentation hides the baldness?

Micropigmentation is deposition of pigment precisely in the skin which mimics the very short hairs and hides the baldness. Scalp micropigmentation is a camouflaging procedure and acts as a concealer that hides the bald white /brown scalp so; that externally it gives full hair looks.

How many sessions of Scalp micropigmentation required seeing the good results?

Regardless of the phase of hair loss, everyone needs 3 micropigmentation sessions in intervals of 30 days to see the good result.
• The first session is to lay the foundation of your new look.
• The second session gives a more detailed and darker shade than your initial session,
• At the end of the 3rd session, you can see complete results
• Results appear like the shaved scalp.

How it is done?

Scalp micropigmentation involves placing minute particles of natural and synthetic iron oxide color pigment about a millimeter below the skin’s surface using a hand-piece that holds a sterile disposable needle. Using ultra-thin needles our highly skilled technicians will accurately place pigments just below the epidermis, using varying penetration depths, pattern distribution, and angles. It is an instantly effective, non-surgical hair loss solution that involves a detailed tattooing process.

Is it a permanent treatment?

Scalp micropigmentation is a permanent procedure with slight fading of pigment after 2 to 3 years, which may need to touch up. SMP is an excellent, safe procedure, zero pain, no side effects, and assured results.

Is there any side effect with SMP treatment in Mumbai?

There are no Side effects, except for the allergic reaction to the pigment used which we test before doing the pigmentation.

Why we need an experienced doctor for Scalp micro pigmentation?

Because experienced surgeon knows better about the treatment and they can perform better i.e. like the angle of insertion of pigment, level of insertion, depth of insertion is very important in giving the perfect results. If the pigment is deposited improperly either, there will be pigment bleeding, or there will be no pigment since the deep deposition of the pigment in the vicinity of macrophage, The macrophage will engulf the pigment and removes them from the site which results from poor results or no results.

Which Hair loss grade does it suites best?

Scalp micropigmentation is especially recommended for patients under grade 2 to 7, in who there is a weak donor area.

What are the advantages of scalp micro pigmentation in Mumbai?

Benefits of scalp micropigmentation as a hair loss treatment:
• With SMP there can’t be any false claims. Unlike, other treatments it creates the illusion of normal, short shaved hair growth on the scalp.
• Scalp micropigmentation is affordable, as compared to many other treatments.
• It is a safe procedure because it is non-invasive and no incisions are made, so there is a lease chance of infection.
• Scalp micropigmentation is a simple and fast procedure, can attain the results in a couple of sessions. It just takes a few hours.
• As it is a non-invasive procedure, it heals in a few days. It doesn’t require dressing or stitches and weeks of rest.
• SMP doesn’t require any regular maintenance, because there is no real hair. I just need to wash the pigmented area and apply the wax for shining.
• You can get skin and hair color matching pigment, looks realistic.
• Results of the procedure lasts for years, boosting one’s confidence for a long time can be possible with scalp micropigmentation.

Why Hairline international for scalp micropigmentation in Mumbai?

• The hairline clinic has the best and experienced dermatologists who care about your Concerns.
• Hairline has an in-house research center always striving for innovative treatment and products.
• We are using advanced FDA approved pigment and procedures.
• We provide the most customized treatments as per customer needs.
• SMP we provide is almost painless and quick recovery.
• The Hairline clinic has the state of art facilities that are best in industry.

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