Laser Resurfacing

Erase scars from the past with futuristic laser.

In some unlucky instances, an acne problem does not disappear with the acne. Unsightly scars are left behind which can alter the individual’s confidence. Laser Resurfacing is an effective treatment for severe acne scars. Erbium Glow Laser is used to eliminate acne scars in a better way. It eliminates the damaged cells and stimulates the production of new cells and tissues.

How it is done

This procedure is carried out by a cosmetic surgeon. In this process, a concentrated laser beam marks the area to be treated. The laser energy penetrates the skin and vaporizes water, as well as the top layer of the skin while parting the deeper layers untouched. This method helps restore the skin's elasticity through the reduction of the collagen fibers contained in the skin layers.

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Q: Whom is it for?

Laser resurfacing is best for those with deep, pitted scars as well as other type of scars which cannot be treated by ointments and topical solutions.

Q:How many sessions are required?

Ideally done once in a month, it takes around 5-6 months to see complete and best results. Usually, the collagen will continue to build up even up to 6 months after the treatment session.

Q: How safe is Laser Resurfacing?

The lasers used are in par with international standards and are FDA-Approved.

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