Eliminate excessive localized fat and tough cellulite.

One of the treatments that has lately gained a lot of attention of late is Mesotherapy. The treatment is nonsurgical in nature and only has pin pricks due to the injector being used to convey the medication to the mesoderm. Mesotherapy can be used to eliminate excessive localized fat and the tough cellulite, aid in rejuvenating skin, pigmentation and helps in regaining lost hair.

How it is done

The medication is injected into the mesoderm for the motive of correcting the given condition. A specialized injector known as the mesogun is used for this purpose. A small amount of medicine is delivered at a given time and multiple injections are given to ensure that the area is fully covered. For individuals that are very sensitive to even the least sensation of pain, topical anesthetics can be applied to the aforementioned treatment.


Q:Do I need multiple sessions?

The laser can eliminate hair only in the growth cycle i.e. Anagen phase and at any given time only 30% hair are in growth cycle. Since, hair enters the growth cycle at different times, six to eight sessions with a 4 to 6 weeks gap between each session are necessary to reduce the hair effectively.

Q:How long does a session take?

The time required for a session depends on the body part being treated. For example, the upper lip session may take 20 minutes, whilst legs may take up to 3 hours.

Q: Is laser hair removal costly?

As compared to other existing techniques and considering factors like time frame, number of visits, pain, side effects, result and satisfaction, laser treatment for hair removal stands economical to other methods. Initially, it may look costly. But in the long run, it is the most economical and reliable option.

Q: Which all the popular areas for laser hair removal for women and men?

Women usually don’t prefer to grow hair in any part of the body except on the head and eyebrows. With the laser hair treatment, women’s eyebrows can be shaped. Laser hair removal for arms, legs, underarms, bikini area and face are most opted for. Men usually want to thin out their hair density on areas like back and chest region, arms and legs

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